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LinguHouse Blog Room is about sharing thoughts & information and making new friends!

LinguHouse Blog Room is about two main areas of interests: 'Blog & Study' and 'Blog & Travel'.

LinguHouse Blog Room is completely FREE! Read more about registration and how to start Your own blog in LinguHouse Blog Room. WELCOME!

A Blog (weblog, web log) is basically a frequently updated online diary, a web page including posts, web links and photos. The author is called a blogger. There are millions of different kinds of blogs in the internet, but what’s common to all blogs, bloggers and readers in Linguhouse Blog Room?

Linguhouse Blog Room is the place for bloggers who are interested in other cultures, languages and travelling. It is the place for bloggers who want to maintain (or in best case: improve!) their language skills or want to learn a new language or perhaps they are studying or teaching linguistics. LinguHouse Blog Room is meant for bloggers who want to write about their latest travel experiences or write memos about their travelling plans. LinguHouse Blog Room is very useful for bloggers who want to tell others about their own home town and daily life – tips and recommendations much more valuable than what traditional travel books can ever offer to foreign tourists or immigrants.

LinguHouse Blog Room is the place for people who would like to read interesting blogs especially in those above mentioned categories. As most of the blogs in LinguHouse Blog Room are mainly about cultures, languages and travelling, it is naturally the best place for You to find blogs You are interested in! You don’t have to waste your time surfing and searching for quality blogs, just check them easily in LinguHouse Blog Room! For You as a blogger, it’s also more valuable to have visitors who are really interested in Your postings and the topics You write about!

In LinguHouse Blog Room You as a blogger write freely about those topics You find interesting: opinions, thoughts, stories, interests, memos, information and news You want to share with others.

To make it even more valuable for all of us LinguHouse members –the bloggers and the readers– all bloggers are encouraged to use common posting categories and subcategories. That’s how also all new visitors can find the content they care about – always quick and easy! LinguHouse Blog Room is a true user-created community centered around Your interests!

In LinguHouse Blog Room the posts are shown in reverse chronological order so Your visitors can easily find what’s new! You control who can read and comment Your own blog.

LinguHouse Blog Room’s user-friendly editing tools help you get a great-looking blog easily! Read more about the tools in Blog Room Help & FAQ!

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Vill du 'Blog & Study' (blogga och studera)?

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Would you like to Blog & Study?

LinguHouse.com has a Blog Room where you can improve and maintain your language skills. You can write your own blog or read blogs written by other Linguhouse fellows.

Blog & Study’ is interesting and very useful for all who want to improve or maintain their language skills and learn more about other cultures! Here you find postings from other LinguHouse bloggers who also like studying languages. You find interesting postings and read how other natives or foreigners are doing with their language studying! They may have similar difficulties as you and you may get good tips for yourself! At least a lot of inspiration and fun! Read more about 'Blog & Study'!

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Vill du 'Blog & Travel' (blogga och resa)?

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Would you like to Blog & Travel?

Linguhouse.com has a Blog Room where you can find interesting information on your next travel destination or share your own experiences and opinions on your latest destination or your home country / area / city. You can write your own blog or read blogs written by other Linguhouse fellows.

Blog & Travel’ is useful for all who are interested in travelling, different countries and cultures. There are links to interesting blogs and - what’s even more valuable for all visitors and bloggers - they are categorized systematically by LinguHouse Team! Read more about 'Blog & Travel'!

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Blog Room Help & FAQ:

Please read LinguHouse's Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to find an answer to your question related to LinguHouse Blog Room. We update this FAQ section continuously, so please update yourself from time to time! CLICK HERE!

Questions and answers related to other LinguHouse Rooms can be found here. However, if you can't find the answer, please contact us by following the instructions here and we'll get back to you. Thank you!







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