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 Estás aquí: STUDY ROOM / ¡Bienvenidos! (ES-ZH)
欢迎光临! / 歡迎光臨! / huān yíng guāng lín!


Idiomas: ES (Español)- ZH (Chino): !Empieza a estudiar aquí!

Please use the 'Study Room' menu on the left to choose the topics you want to study! Improve and maintain your language skills or help foreigners learn YOUR own language ... in LinguHouse Chat Room!

*** LinguHouse is free for all internet users. If you use it and if you like it, of course we appreciate your giving back. Please consider giving LinguHouse some credits and time, e.g. by becoming a LinguHouse fan in Facebook or digging us on Digg.com!


语言:ES(西班牙语)- ZH (汉语): 点此开始学习吧!



*** LinguHouse网站对各界免费开放。如果您喜欢我们的网站并希望我们能够做得更好,我们对您的捐助表示无任欢迎以及感谢!不过我们并非为了盈利而来!我们更期待的是大家可以长期支持我们,并为我们创造口碑。比如说 (Facebook, Digg.com,...)




我们的学习室囊括了众多语种的学习材料(括号中为ISO 代码),包括:英语(EN)、芬兰语(Fl)、德语(DE)、西班牙语(ES)、法语(FR)、俄语(RU)、中文(ZH)、瑞典语(SV)等等,更多语种在陆续添加中!您可以任意搭配语种,马上开始学习并感受其中的乐趣。


  1. 首先选择“主语言”(一般是您的母语或者您最了解的语言)。
  2. 然后选择您想学习的语言



>> 点此搭配语言


...Or did you want to choose another language combination?

Quick Start: dozens of language combinations

LinguHouse Study Room includes study material already in many languages: German (DE), English (EN), Spanish (ES), Finnish (FI), French (FR), Italian (IT), Portuguese (PT), Russian (RU; including transliteration), Swedish (SV) and Chinese (ZH; simplified, traditional & the phonetic hanyu pinyin)... and many more soon! You can choose any combination of these languages and just start learning! It's fun!

From the 'Choose Language' drop down menu above select your preferred language mix (combination of two languages) :

1) First choose your 'Main language' (your native language or the language you know the best),

2) then choose the language you'd like to study at LinguHouse.

After choosing your language combination You can use the 'Study Room' menu on the left and choose the topics you want to study!

The 'Choose Language' drop down menu stays always in English so that it would be easier to use it for most of us and you will never get lost on our pages. As you can soon find out, there are thousands of Study Room pages with various language combinations! But if you prefer, you can see the complete list and choose your desired language combination also here:

>> Language combinations




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